Swot Analysis Of Cadbury Chocolate

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Market Plan for new Cadbury Chocolate

Executive Summary

Chocolate is an essential commodity its industry is worth close to a $100 billion dollars. Its known bought by men and woman of all ages as a guilty pleasure. Cadbury is one of the world’s leading chocolatiers and is a subsidiary to the vast Mondēlez Group.

Market Research - The very first step is to gather information ago ut the market and the consumer. If there has been a change in the consumers taste or preference. This would also give a better understanding of who the product is being sold too. A SWOT analysis would also be done which would give additional information about threats and opportunities.

Marketing Environment - Researching about the market environment is important.
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To understand better what macro-environment can affect the product the author shall use the PEST framework. PEST stands for Political, Economical, Social, Technological factors. Political Factors consist of all sorts of government regulations, tariffs and restrictions. Economic Factors are the different economic policies of the government or even purchasing power and inflation. Social Factors has mainly to deal with the buying patterns of the people, high trends or personal preferences. Technological factors are those which come into work during the research stage, manufacturing stage as well as promotion stage. It tells us if the companies modus-operandi in all stages are technologically advanced or not. Cadbury would be affected by all such factors. Political : The different sorts of health and safety regulations during manufacturing stages need to be taken care of. They need to make sure they are within the food guidelines as well. Economic : The increase in population, inflation and recession all such factors affect the sales of chocolates. Increase in exchange rates or import charges while importing Cocoa. Social factors : They are personal and range from person to person as people have different lifestyles. For example, The increase in awareness regarding health and fitness can lower the sales of such commodities. Technological : Increase in use of social media and web can influence how the chocolate would be …show more content…
This can be easily done by a SWOT analysis. SWOT is an acronym for Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, Threat. It should be known that strengths and weaknesses can be known by analysing the micro environment. Opportunities and Threats can be simply known by analysing the macro environment.
Strengths are the capabilities that a product can use as an advantage for themselves in the future. This helps the product to stand out and be different from its competitors. Weakness are limitations of a product. These restrictions for the product gives the competition an upper hand. Opportunities are an element helping the product to utilise certain factors and benefit.
Threats are an element which can be perilous for the product and trouble the brand. Cadbury may enjoy certain strengths and opportunities but at the same time falls back due to weaknesses and threats.(Colgate n.d.)
Strength : Cadbury is internationally recognised and holds a strong brand name. They were founded over 175 years ago and enjoy high brand equity. They serve over 50 countries and have products like dairy milk, flakes and creme egg in their

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