Case Study: SLO Veg

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SLO Veg is a family owned business that is currently on their 10th year of serving as the direct link between SLO county’s farmers and local consumers. SLO Veg offers a weekly or biweekly door delivery service, specializing in boxes filled with local, fresh picked produce grown by farmers in the greater San Luis Obispo Area.

The delivery boxes promote SLO Veg’s goal of making healthy eating convenient, economical, and sustainable. However, alongside the influx of citizens in the SLO area comes the need for parallel adjustments in order to maintain or increase profits. SLO Veg is considering raising their prices to match their competitors. They are also considering releasing a “college box” at a lower price, providing a lighter assortment
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The company acts as an intermediary between local farmers and the consumer; they collect, build, and distribute fresh produce boxes to their clients. The convenience of having a produce box delivered right to your door eliminates the burden of produce shopping and allows subscribers to spend more time doing other things.

2.2 Mission Statement

The mission of SLO Veg is based on their heightened sense of community sustainability. Community sustainability is interlinked within SLO Veg’s advocacy of healthy produce, healthy businesses, and healthy relationships with local farmers.

SLO Veg serves as a direct link between local farmers and the consumer, which aids communal sustainability. Dollars spent at local businesses returns about three times as much money into the local economy than chains (The Multiplier Effect of Local Independent Businesses), which results in healthier businesses, increased employment opportunities and economic growth for this
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By offering a produce delivery service, SLO Veg is an easy and economical way to get fresh produce weekly. With the differing box sizes, SLO Veg makes an effort to reduce waste by giving consumers enough produce for a week. They also eliminate the carbon emissions produced by everyone driving to the grocery store all the time.

3.2 Marketing Plan Goal

Through this marketing plan, University Mergers aims to increase on SLO Veg’s box subscriptions on Cal Poly’s campus by 50% by the end of Winter 2018. This goal will increase awareness of SLO Veg on campus allowing other students to follow the trend of signing up. This plan will discuss how SLO Veg can accomplish their goal through mass advertising on the Cal Poly campus, revamping its social media and website, and promotion through box pricing and design.


4.1 Strengths

Convenience: SLO Veg is convenient because it offers customers an alternative way of getting produce without having to go to the store. The combination of this convenience and SLO Veg’s affordability makes it a competitive and efficient alternative to grocery

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