Locavore Synthesis Essay

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Do you want to eat healthier? Fresher? Cleaner? More local? Better for the air? Locavore movements have become the new craze of the past decade. Consequently, locavores have helped improve the environment within communities and the economy of the small farm industry, but the nutritional value hasn’t improved like people want it to. Becoming a part of the locavore movement can help the environment tremendously in many different ways. “Eating local is better for air quality and pollution…”(Source A) Travel time is cut which is less pollution from the trucks that transport the goods. The travel time usually outweighs the purpose of buying organic foods since the air is not benefitting from it. Nevertheless, it is better to buy local because …show more content…
The government has even given the smaller farms more money to be able to produce their crops. “... $2.3 billion was set aside this year for specialty crops,...”(Source E) which means mainly only small farms produce specialty crops and received more money to do so. Unlike in past years, they only received $100 million. There has also been an increase in the amount of small farms there are because of the demand and the need for them that came with this movement. This is “reshaping the business of growing and supplying food to Americans.” (Source E) This is greatly impacting the economy for small farmers by increasing the amount they get from the government and also how much they are making. Locavores are creating massive revenue for these small farms. Though there are many good things that come from the locavore movement, the nutritional intake from eating local isn’t as drastic as hoped for. Yes, it is more nutritional to eat local, but it is not necessarily needed. “‘There will be nutritional differences, but they’ll be marginal,’...”(Source B) Accordingly, in some cases, eating local doesn’t have a huge impact on your nutritional intake. It won’t really do anything for your health if you eat more locally. But for some people, that little extra nutrition is

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