Analysis Of Robert Paarlberg's 'Attention Whole Food Shoppers'

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In the modern world today, many people cook and eat organic foods. They do this because they believe that it is better for them, despite the higher price. Robert Paarlberg noticed this when he was writing his article, “Attention Whole Food Shoppers”. While writing this article, he brought up the fact that while this entire process helps local farmers and fight climate change, the global issue of hunger is not solved. He approaches this topic by pulling in his readers with an ethical appeal, and supports his argument with factual evidence as well as a very confident, firm tone. While doing all of this, Paarlberg is able to convince his audience that we must worry about world hunger more than how our fruits and vegetables grow.
Robert Paarlberg
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Paarlberg brings in celebrity author Vandana Shiva to explain just what is going on. He states, “A 2002 meeting in Rome of five hundred prominent international NGOs, including Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace, even blamed The Green Revolution for the rise in world hunger” (Paarlberg 613). This appeals to logic as it references an expert opinion. Paarlberg may not be credible on his own to make this statement, but by bringing in an expert opinion of eco-activists he appeals to logic. Because of this, he makes an even better point to the argument so that the audience can believe his …show more content…
He uses good judgement by telling readers that they are not to blame for the crisis. He also uses emotional appeal when explaining how serious the situation is to readers and why they should help. Finally, he uses expert opinion from an eco-activist to tell readers what is going on with the situation they are reading about. He uses the combination of all these appeals to prove to his audience that solving the world food crisis is more important than shopping

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