Runway Magazine Case Study Analysis

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Marketing involves getting the product from the producer to the consumer. It uses the 4 P 's: Product, Price, Place and Promotion. Market research is also conducted in this department.
Public Relations in the Film:
First impressions are very important, Andrea was very unorganised for her interview and was not appropriately dressed. For the business to be successful, it must maintain a Magazine professional image, especially since Andrea was applying for the position of Miranda 's assistant and thus would constantly be seen as 'the face of the business ' to clients walking in to Runway.
It is also very important that employees keep their personal and professional lives separate. We see in the film that Andrea becomes unable to do
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This tool is used to analyse a business and its competitors.
PESTLE in the Film:
External factors that could have a prominent influence on Runway magazine are:
Political: due to Runway Magazine being such a huge, famous company, neighbouring countries and the current affairs within them affects Runway Magazine and their international profit
Economic: Issues such as inflation, recessions, tax rates and interest rates. These things greatly affect the profit coming into the business and the employees of the business. If for example a recession were to occur, Runway would be put in a position where they need to fire some employees due to budget cuts, this would affect the productivity of the business and the profit of the business.
Social: Social factors like depression, HIV/AIDS and urbanisation affect the business. If a worker were to contract HIV/AIDS, they would eventually become too sick to work leaving Runway having to look for a new qualified employee. Were urbanisation to occur, more people could move to areas where they have access to their magazine therefore increasing profits. Depression would also affect the business because if an employee were to suffer from depression their productivity could decrease and this would decrease their productivity and possibly also the productivity of those around them when working together in a

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