Running Through Life Speech Analysis

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Whenever someone accomplishes something important in their life they should analyze it for the strengths and weaknesses in order to improve for next time. My informative speech, “Running Through Life” was on Thursday, September 21th, 2017. This speech was in Mrs. Brown’s classroom at DeKalb High school. The topic of my speech was running, specifically the nutrition or preparation, practice, and competition. I was given the opportunity to record my speech and watch it later on to reflect on how I can improve my public speaking skills. This paper is an analysis of my informative speech on the topic of running that will go into my strengths, weaknesses, and what I can improve on next time, including what I should continue as well.
Whenever someone
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No matter how good someone feels a speech went, there is always room for improvement. One improvement for next time could be focusing on standing still and not moving around. I can do this be planting my feet and only making useful motions to emphasize important ideas. Another improvement for next time could be to vary my voice. I can do this by changing the pitch and volume (loudness). This way I can avoid being monotone and will keep the audience interested. A third improvement is to not read the notecards as much. I can do this by limiting the words I put on them to only the key ideas and practicing in the mirror multiple times before giving the speech. This way I can see exactly how often I rely on the notecards and what hand motions I should make at certain points. However, there are somethings I should continue doing. One thing I should continue to do is to involve the audience in my speech. I did this by using words such as “we” and “us” instead of “I” and “you”. Another thing I should continue to do is providing relevant information to my audience and showing them why the information is relevant to them. Acknowledging what needs to be improved on for next time is how success is …show more content…
Some strengths of my speech were my correct use of oral citations and providing evidence to support my main ideas, including the use of hand gestures. Some weaknesses of my speech were staying monotone, swaying back and forth, and focusing on the notecards and one spot of the classroom. My goals for next time are to not move back and forth, to vary my pitch and volume, and to practice in front of a mirror multiple times before the speech. Reflecting on the strengths and weaknesses in any situation will help with improvement for the next time in order to accomplish greater

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