Rtt 1 Task 1 Essay

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Running Head: Nurse Sensitive Indicators


Running Head: Nurse Sensitive Indicators: 1

Nursing reflect the process, structure and outcomes of nursing care. Process indicators measure the aspects of nursing care such as assessment, intervention and nurse satisfaction. The structure of nursing care is determined by the quantity of nursing staff, the skill of the nursing staff and the education and certification of the nursing staff. Patient outcomes determined to be nursing sensitive are those that improve with better quality and greater quantity of nursing care
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The staff could use the information to be better informed or aware of the documented issues that need to be addressed. Policies could be written on the proper use and management of restraints. Example would be a complete physical assessment every 24
Running Head: Nurse Sensitive Indicators 2

hours. Renewal orders by a physician every 24 hours. Check and release every 2 hours. Reposition every 2 hours, etc. This would make hospital wide guidelines for restraint use. The staff would have an input in the policy making process giving them accountability for their decisions. Understanding pressure ulcer staging and causes of pressure ulcers. Make policies on positioning patients who are bed ridden. Example, reposition and offer toilet every two hours, skin assessment every two hours, etc.
Education is the key to empower nurses and staff. We all want to do the right thing for those in our care.
Knowledge and accountability leads to better patient care and awareness.

Part C: Hospital Resources Available

As the nursing supervisor, I would want to address Mr. J’s diet incident. While mistakes can happen,
“hiding” the incident from the daughter and “joking” about choking on a pork chop are unacceptable. As nurses, we need to be professional and accountable for our

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