Rossum's Universal Robots Analysis

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Dominance Rossum’s Universal Robots (R.U.R) written by Karel Capek. Henry Domin is the director of the R.U.R where they create robots with the purpose of solely work. Uniquely, the robots do not have any feelings except pain. Subsequently, the reasoning they have pain is so they do not destroy or harm themselves. Helena the president’s daughter took a tour of the factory and could barley tell if the robots were human or not. Their futures are identical to humans, the only thing that does not make them human is their feeling of love and have no desire for self gain. Robots are manufactured in a ginormous factory from a manuscript on a small island. The island has more robots than humans which means eventually the robots will over power the …show more content…
The robots were made to look identical to humans. There were so many of them that they started looking a like. Radius a unique robot said to Helena, “you are not like Robots. You are not as capable as Robots are. Robots do everything. You only give orders-utter empty words” (37). He was sent to the stopping mill to be put to death. Radius was not afraid of dying because he did not want to work for the humans anymore. He felt this way because Doctor Gall spent a significant amount of time to create him to be different than the other robots, he had a soul. Radius recognized that he was just created to perform the human’s duties in life because they were lazy. Secondly, he realized that he was being used so humans could gain power over one another. Radius stood up for himself because he did not want to work for people who only created him for their selfish needs. In R.U.R technology was used as a form of gaining power over others. Secondly, the robots were created to fulfill people’s selfish needs. Technology has drastically improved over the last decade. Like Andrew said he is one hundred percent certain that in our future there will be robots. Could R.U.R be foreshadowing what happens when robots are created? As a technological world we need to take precautions and not give technology more power than humans. If something were to go wrong, we need to be able to fix the problem. As seen in R.U.R technology can have major side effects that can end the entire human

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