Essay Rosemary 's Daycare And Learning Center

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Friday, November 4, 2016, from 9:00A.M. – 11:00A.M. I was granted the opportunity to observe “Rosemary’s Daycare and Learning Center.” Rosemary’s Daycare and Learning Center is located on 109 Windsor Street in Belzoni, MS under the director of Ms. Rosemary Williams. Ms. Williams founded her daycare and learning center in 2006 and she now holds a capacity of 38 children. Rosemary’s’ Daycare and Leaning Center is large-sized building well enough for 38 students, Ms. Williams, and her staff. This was genuinely a great experience overall and I truly enjoyed my time at Rosemary’s Daycare and Learning Center. Being in a diverse classroom, and knowing that I was going to visit little children, I was quite anxious, but a little excited overall. I was given the honor of meeting children that I will never forget, Ms. Williams’ staff, along with other great people. The children were not anything short of stunning. From this experience, I know I want to work closely with children and families. After noticing and seeing the enthusiasm of children eager to eager to learn, reassured me this is what I want to do in the near future. This was the best observation and experience any prospective educator could wish to partake in and for that reason I am so grateful to have such experience.
When I arrived at the learning center, I was told I would be observing Ms. Harris’ classroom. Ms. Williams greeted me at the door and began to tell me she looked forward to me coming really, soon being…

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