Early Childhood Center Case Study

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The A.B Paterson College Early Childhood Centre has established a relationship with the above services in order to connect parents directly to the key person in charge, to support families towards a good outcome. These relationships assist in maintaining and fostering positive, safe and supportive community partnerships between the home and the centre. Creating such relationships builds trust with each child and their families, to the point where they are comfortable to reveal any doubts either large or small to the educators (McArdlle, 2009).

Features of the region/town:
The centre is located in Arundel on the Gold Coast with an area population of 10,351(Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2015). The area is viewed as an ‘aged population’ as 65.8% of the resident population are aged 40 years or older with 14.2% being aged 0 to 14 years and 20% aged 14 to 40 years (ABS, 2013). The average family composition consists of two parents and two children with 45.1% of the population being married with at least two children (ABS Census,
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Firstly, surrounding the centre are three local playgrounds, where children and their families can access on a regular basis. These playgrounds include, two slides, sand area, flying fox and climbing areas, suitable for all age groups of children. Adjacent to the centre is a local Gold Coast Council oval. Not only does the centre utilise this oval on special occasions, such as ‘teddy bear picnic days’ but many local events such as junior hockey and soccer matches are conducted on this oval. Furthermore, behind the centre is a public parkland with open grassed areas, that is used for many not for profit events such as Riding for Disabled (see services below). The centre also utilises this parkland for special occasions such as ‘mini Olympics day’ and ‘running races day’, where the children leave the centre and walk over to this

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