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MBA 812 Marketing Management Case Analysis
Rosewood Hotels and Resorts

Summary This paper is expended according to the Rosewood Hotels & Restores Company, which established in 1979. This company promoted the Individual Brand Strategy when it was established. In early 2004, the new present and CEO, John Scott, and the vice president of sales and marketing, Robert Boulogne were considering to apply one new brand strategy named Corporate Brand Strategy in order to boost the company’s growth. In the first part of this paper, it gives the reasons why John Scott and Robert Boulogne wanted to promote the Corporate Brand Strategy. In the second part, it describes the advantages and disadvantages of the two brand
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The well-known 80-20 rule states that 80 percent or more of the company’s profits come from the top 20 percent of its customers. (Kotler & Keller. p57) It is easy to find out this conclusion, increasing the guest retention means increasing the money Rosewood Hotels & Restores made. What the primary goal for a company to boost the company’s growth? It is making more money, collecting more profits. So, the new managers believe that with the corporate brand strategy, the company will make more profits and growth rapidly. In fact, John Scott and Robert Boulogne understand that there is another way to promote the Rosewood Hotels & Restores’ customer multi-property visits. That is to set up a frequent-stay program. Whereas, research on luxury hotel guests revealed that loyalty that was fostered by offering the following benefits: room upgrades, flexible check-in and check-out, personalized services, expedited registration, the freedom to request a specific room, and the capacity of employees to take guests’ problems-even the most unusual-seriously. (Bowen & Shoemaker, pp.12-25) This is why John Scott and Robert Boulogne decide not to invest in a frequent-stay program. Rosewood Hotels & Restores is a company which has a lot of managers and workers. So, when there is an important decision, it’s not just two persons’ business.

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