Roles Of Women During The African Village And How It Changed From The Beginning Of The Movie

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In the movie Moolaadé you can see the roles of women and men in the African village and how it changed from the beginning of the movie towards the end. The role of the men were not very clear, but you can see some of them go to the farm work in the crops and get food back to their family. While others sell inventory in the free market, for example Mercenaire own a small cart and sold children 's clothes, bread, kitchen stuff, bread, batteries… Ets. On the other hand the women did everything, they took care of the children, washed them, feed them, cooked food, went to the well to get water and carried it back home. The woman played the role of a submissive wife, yielding to her husband’s constant sexual demands and desires. Their opinions and thoughts were not heard and don’t matter. For example, the only way to connect to the outside world and for entertainment was the radio and the men banned those from all the village houses. Women were upset, but they couldn’t do anything about it and even when Collé was trying to talk to her husband about it and told him she earned it from her hard work he dismissed what she said and took the radio.
There are three important scenes that I would like to mention that I think illustrates the changes that affected the character or even were caused by them.
The first scene is when all the women went to the well to express their grief that the men took their radio and they couldn’t sleep. I think it showed that they all had a…

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