Roles Of Men And Women Essay

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In today’s society, gender differences have become very present. In movies and TV shows the roles of men and women seem to be defined in various ways. Some ways they define men is being aggressive and strong, whereas women are seen to be very passive and fragile. I am analyzing the TV series Scandal, this particular TV series portrays a very strong woman and goes beyond what society defines as “usual” or “normal” gender roles.
Olivia Pope is one of the many main characters in the TV Scandal. Olivia is a strong, confident woman who runs what most people would call a law firm, although she helps people deal with legal issues, Olivia isn’t your usual lawyer. She does not follow the law in ways that many lawyers do. She helps people in all the ways she can, but not always in the most legal way. Olivia and her fellow partners break laws to free people of crimes they didn’t commit, but will most likely be found guilty due to being in the wrong place at the wrong time. One of the main components of the series as a whole is the political view. Pope’s law firm resides in Washington D.C, home of the President of the United States of America. Viewers are quickly shocked to see that Pope is romantically involved with the president throughout the series, the affair between Olivia and the president have challenging times due to political issues and the president’s marriage issues, it shows how little Olivia is willing to back down to please the president. Olivia’s refusal to back down and…

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