Pilgrim's Progress Book Report

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Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan tells the story of a man named Christian. In this famous allegory, Christian, the man, represents a Christian and his journey to Heaven or as the book calls it, the Celestial City. Christian transverses through many trials along the way, each representing troubles modern day Christians face in our walk with Christ as we travel through this world towards Heaven. Hope is offered in Pilgrim’s Progress for modern day Christians, God always sent Godly companions to accompany Christian through the battles and struggles he had to face.The second part of the book tells of Christian’s wife, Christiana’s decision to follow Christian to the Celestial City. Christiana foreshows an answer to God’s promise that we can have our families for Him. Christian’s decision to travel to the Celestial City was a …show more content…
By-Ends. Mr. By-Ends wanted to accompany Christian and Hopeful along their journey, but left quickly thereafter, when he discovered there was no profit in traveling with them. By-Ends means a selfish motive, which is exactly what Mr. By-Ends did. Mr. By-Ends represents a person who plays church in order to gain social, financial, or physical prosperity, by pretending to serve God. This type of person can be one of the most detrimental people one can encounter, because many times one does not recognize this characteristic in a person until something happens to reveal this person's true self. I believe this person is one most despised by God, because He sees the intent of their heart and it makes Him sick how they take advantage of God’s people. In the end, Mr. By-Ends would not forsake his principles to join Christian in the right way because Mr.By-Ends principles were those that would be profitable to himself. Christians must constantly check themselves to understand the intentions of their own heart and pray to protect themselves from pride and the love of money, which led to Mr. By-Ends

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