Roles In Twelve Angry Men

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Roles] Each person has a role to play in society, whether it be a small role or a big role. One can look at roles as a drama script for actors. In the Twelve Angry Men movie, each jury men had their own roles to play during the decision-making process, depending on their personality. Starting from the first jury man, the foreman plays an active role in guiding the whole jury group towards making a decision. He leads all the jury men through the discussion with guidance without any biases. He was able to do so by actively listening to the not guilty party and giving them chances to speak without interruption. As a result of his action, Foreman can be classified in both the task roles and the maintenance role. The task role is …show more content…
He tried to see the positive side of every argument and can be exclaimed as the devil’s advocate and an information giver. He plays the devils advocated by throwing out possibilities of “what if this happened?”. He is also an information giver because he points out many of the perspective of the case that other jurors where blind to. His perspective on the case is driven by his self interest of justice. As long as there is a room for a reasonable doubt, Henry will defend the case.
Juror nine is the old man with a quiet nature, but with an insightful remarks. He is the supporter-encourager of the group because he lets juror eight speak his mind without any judgement. Even though his votes were different than juror eight, the old man believes every person should have their opinions heard out especially a person like juror eight who is taking a stand on his own.
Juror ten is the garage owner who has regular anger outburst like juror three the angry father. Most of the time he is a loud outspoken person with strong beliefs on his own opinions without looking at different perspectives. As a result he can be seen as the stage hog, because he wants to be heard by speaking loud and obnoxiously. He also does not let other jurors speak fully, because their opinions are not clearly important to him. As a result, it caused all the other jurors to turn their backs on him, while he was

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