Henry Fonda) As The Leader In The Movie Juuror 8

Observe Juror #8 (Henry Fonda) as the leader. In the movie, Juror #8 is able to persuade his fellow jurors to change their opinions. Based on what you have learned in class, describe the leadership style he uses to do this. Present your analysis providing evidence from the film to support your position. The leadership style Fonda adopted at the beginning was the S3 or participating style according to the Hersey and Blanchard’s Situational Leadership Theory. Through this method, Fonda focused his time and effort to create a relationship among the jury and placed less focus on giving directions. He was firm in crafting a productive discussion about the boy rather than attacking the jurors who disagreed with him. He did not put focus on why …show more content…
He was courteous towards them and his cooperative attitude contributed in fabricating an efficient jury. His behavior spread to his fellow jurors as they were ultimately able to arrive at a decision. He encouraged his followers to question the provided evidence so the correct ruling could be made. Fonda asked his followers to base their decision on logic and facts rather than biased feelings. He encouraged discussion among the jury and for every piece of evidence to be analyzed carefully. He actively encouraged the jury to view the case from another point of view as it was a life or death matter. By allowing his followers to come up with the conclusion by themselves, he was revered as a more effective leader. At this point in the movie, he expected a R4 for his …show more content…
In the beginning, he was disrespectful and ignorant towards the boy and his fellow jurors. His attitude deteriorates when the other jurors begin to change their votes. His “readiness” level would be at a R1 (unable and unwilling or insecure) as he was the juror to change his vote. Even when the jury questions the woman’s eyesight, Juror #3 attempts a last ditch effort to defend his position and ultimately fails.
What is the “leader” expectation of each of these jurors? In other words, what do the jurors you selected expect from #8 as a leader? The best leadership style for juror #11 would be the S4 or delegating method. With this method, leaders pass on most of the responsibility onto their followers. Juror #11 demonstrates that he can analyze the evidence on his own as he possesses high levels of intelligence and confidence. He was expecting Fonda to be at the S2 level in the beginning.
Juror #3 would be best managed with the S1 or telling style method. With this method, leaders are required to tell him exactly what to do and how to do it. This is because he lacks the ability to be unbiased during the case. He was consistently insecure during the case as he had been projecting his own personal feelings about his own son onto the defendant. He ultimately breaks down at the end of the movie and grudgingly changes his vote to not

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