Role of Compensation in Human Resources Management Essay

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Compensation and Benefits: Definition and Importance

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Human Resource Management (HRM) has never been as significant as it is today. Companies want to attract, retain and motivate brains to meet objectives. Today Humans are regarded as one of every company’s assets so they need to be efficiently and effectively managed. One of the tools companies use to attract, retain and motivate its people is Compensation Management. In this article, I shall define compensation and benefits along with their advantages for a company and its workers.

Suppose, you own a boutique. Let’s call it myWear - or you can
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This extra is known as employee benefits. Also known as fringe benefits, Employee benefits are non-financial form of compensation offered in addition to cash salary to enrich workers’ lives.

What benefits would you offer to your employees at myWear? Off course, you would offer different benefits to the salespersons and the receptionist. Problem will arise when you begin to decide what benefit to give to whom and on which basis? Employee benefits are not performance-based, they are membership-based. Workers receive benefits regardless of their performances. Employee benefits as a whole have no direct affect on employee performance, however, inadequate benefits do contribute to low satisfaction level and increase absenteeism and turnover in employees (DeCenzo and Robbins; 2007). So you would have to carefully design your benefit package. Your package may include a cell phone to each worker, taking them to a training workshop or seminar, giving them a day or two off every month and so on. While deciding on the benefits package, do consider the associated costs.

A well designed compensation and benefits plan helps to attract, motivate and retain talent in your firm (which is myWear). A well designed compensation & benefits plan will benefit your boutique in the following ways.

1. Job satisfaction: Your employees would be happy with their jobs and would love to work for you if they get

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