Hr Role In Succession Planning

Role of HR in succession planning:
It is the duty of the HR professional to manage the talent pipeline. Unexpected departure of talent is always a concern for business continuity. As we know, HR is an enabler to the business where in one of the key concerns is to retain talent and identify the skills required to maintain smooth functioning of the business. This is where succession planning plays a vital role in the business and HR should take great care that the talent pipeline is well structured and there are no discrepancies which can cause hindrance to business productivity. A recent survey conducted by the journal of accountancy states that around 79 percent of businesses globally are concerned about succession planning as a major show
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It is vital to be transparent because keeping things hidden will only complicate the existing problem and it could also lead to loss of identified talent, since they might not be aware of the organizational succession planning and they could be next in line. This keeps potential successors motivated and being a HR manager it is our duty to communicate this to all parties involved. Looking at things from a HR perspective, it is very important for succession planning to be a key part of the wider picture which includes training, recruitment, development and performance review. Succession planning is a so important that it is a integral part of other key HR functions as well. HR should put in great effort to make sure these plans are aligned with the business. Succession planning is not very difficult to implement but it is very vital to an organization to ensure business …show more content…
This means that HR will have to facilitate the process such that he is able to identify the person in collaboration with the director, he is motivated enough to take up the job, he has proved himself capable in running the business in the past, and he is exposed to a broad range of experiences so that he or she has a greater understanding of the nature and operations of the business. This particular succession plan could include a structured process where the process of mentoring, coaching and training is given to the successor on more specific aspects of the job. It also preferred to identify more than one key person as a potential successor for this kind of role since the role of an executive director is a very important position and as HR professionals, it is our duty to take minimal risks when the stakes are high in order to maintain business

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