Essay on Role Of Global Human Capital Managers

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The rapid globalization and changes in technology have forced companies to seek for new markets overseas to gain a competitive edge and succeed in their operations. This has been fueled by the increasing challenges, such as changes in customer needs, enhancing organizational capabilities, the need to increase productivity, failure to attract and retain high-performing human resources, and change introduction and management. As such, firms are actively looking for ways to improve their performance and remain competitive. One of the ways businesses are sustaining the competitive advantage is by employing highly qualified multicultural managers as well as utilizing a resource-based view of human resources management. This paper thus seeks to discuss the changing role of global human capital managers by analyzing the internal and external threats faced by organizations and as a result propose a plan for environment scanning using the case of Atlantis Global Corporation, AGC.
Organizations view global managers as important resources with the relational view of human resources providing value to managers with local market knowledge. Therefore, a global human resource manager would have to possess a mix of skills that are political, social, cultural, functional, and technical. On the contrary, to find and retain such managers is one of the chief challenges organizations face amid the need for managers to act as the versatile link between the host and home country organization as…

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