Rogerian Argument Essay

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12th June, 2013 Does the high level of Carbon Dioxide (C02) possibly harm the Earth’s planetary biosphere, or has it already done so; in fact, many worldwide scientists have protested that the Earth is at its ‘tipping point’ but no efforts have been adapted to save the biosphere? A support of this controversial topic; congressional meeting and testimony, is from one of the top U.S. climate scientists, James Hansen to Former Vice President Al Gore, with an emphasis on the cause of C02. Beyond the ozone layer is atmospherically holey, Earth’s temperature is rising, and the climate changing conversely, one that people trivialized the most is: Global warming. Increasingly, subject to concern not only via online discussion, magazine and …show more content…
As of 2011, over 80% of all greenhouses gas emissions released into the atmosphere are from The United States, more than any countries in the world combined. In addition among human activities, there are other forms of natural gases, such as the ocean, plants, animals and soil- which present in the atmosphere as part of the Earth’s carbon circulation. Substantial C02 emission from human actions have altered the carbon cycle by adding more gases into the atmosphere than the Earth can cycle, consequently causing the temperature to rise. Circa 1930s, people did not know what causes the Earth temperature to rise until scientists discovered that carbon dioxide was climbing and raising global temperature. Not until 1992, twelve countries (including U.S.) have been polled regularly to monitor C02 emission levels, and the continuous data is held up-to-date. Furthermore, carbon dioxides rising cause the Earth’s temperature level to rise drastically worldwide; NASA stated that, based on a range of plausible emission scenarios, average surface temperatures could rise between 2°C and 6°C (35.F to 42.F) by the end of the 21st century. Countless disastrous events worldwide have undergone droughts and floods to severe hurricanes because of the attribution of rising temperatures. Al Gore stated that:
The emerging consensus links global warming to increasingly destructive power of hurricanes, increasing the strength of the average hurricane a full half-step on

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