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Critical Analysis of The Robot Invasion
Patrick F. Nagle
Delaware Technical Community College

Critical Analysis of The Robot Invasion
In the article The Robot Invasion by Charles Gillis, it talks about in the not too distant future how robotics will be a part of everyday society, how it will be used in manufacturing and labor industry instead of people for jobs that are dirty, dangerous, and difficult. The author argues that the world will be swarming with the robotics in the future which will change the job industry and even how basic chores are done around the house. The world is changing as the technology of robots are slowly taking over jobs, is not a too farfetched argument.
“For many years the work of engineers and sci-fi
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This is supposed to be an informative article explaining how this technology is advancing and that the inevitability of robots are going to be part of everyday life, but continuously bringing fears of robots to the forefront of one’s mind. As much as this article is trying to be informative, it seems to be putting fear into the readers as what might come about with the use of robots. Most of the article contains very informative information about the topic that is supported by different people from the industry that is broken up every so often by a comment that brings the fear of robots back to one’s mind.

With technology advancing more and more every year, the fact that robots will be in the workplace and home in the near future is just undeniably true. The fears that come with this can be overcome as have proven with the Roomba that is now in many households. The information found in this article is just proving that robots are closer to being in everyday lives than most think. Jobs are now being taken over slowly with robots in many industries and opening up many more jobs to interface with the robots. This article may open one’s mind to what is coming in the near future with robots. However, place a fear that one did not know was truly there.

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