Robotics Essay

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Robotics: Utopia or Dystopia

Robotics: Utopia or Dystopia?

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Serial No. | Particular | Page No. | 01. | Introduction | 04 | 02. | Definition of a Robot | 04 | 03. | History of Robotics | 05 - 10 | 04. | The implications of robotics for jobs in manufacturing | 10-12 | 05. | The implications of robotics for jobs in the service sector: | 12 -13 | 06. | Robotics and future jobs, utopia or Dystopia | 13-15 | 07. | Conclusion: | 16 | 08. | Recommendation | 16 | 09. | References | 17 |

Robotics: Utopia or Dystopia?

We are living in such an era, when the needs and demands of
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Mechanization and machinery, both has become inevitable and dynamic parts of our world since the beginning of industrial revolution-1800s-. Mechanization has developing day by day according to expectations of users. To summarize, machines provides numerous facilities in significant subjects which are directly related with humans. Specifically, machines are used in industry, medicine, and household applications, military and scientific research.
Robots are treated as the special children of mechanization. They are known as the newest and most effective branch of machinery so far. They can be defined as electrical, electronic or mechanical devices, which are programmable and have ability to perform commands.
Definition of a Robot:
The “robot” word is firstly used by Czechoslovak author Karel Capek in his theater “Rossum’s Universal Robots” in 1921. In Czech language, the word of “robota” means forced labor. A robot is a re-programmable machine that is capable of movement in the completion of a task. They use special coding that differentiates them from other machines and machine tools, such as CNC. []

History of Robotics:
The concepts of robotics did not grow suddenly. It goes way back starting their journey from the ancient times.
Greek Times: Historians confirm that Talos, a giant creature written about in ancient greek literature, was a creature (either a man or a bull) made of bronze, given by Zeus to Europa. According to

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