Atherosclerosis Risk

One thing to note is that atherosclerosis is a normal part of aging, we cannot fully control the build up of plaque within our arteries due to age, what we can do is slow down the process with proper exercise and diet. As far as your risk factors go, I am a tad bit concerned about you getting atherosclerosis. This is due to the fact that you are currently inactive, your mother and father both had coronary heart disease, high triglycerides levels, body weight and your blood glucose level being a little high. All these factors put you at an increased risk of developing atherosclerosis at a faster rate than a healthy individual would develop it.
As we look at your results we can see that the most common factor amongst all of these diseases is
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As you exercise, your blood glucose level will decrease with proper exercise duration. A common myth is; you need to be working out at very high intensities for small amounts of time to get benefits from exercise. This is totally false; it has actually been shown that duration is more important than the intensity. [7] Of course, if you can do high intensity workouts for long durations this would benefit your health even more than just doing moderate intensity workouts. First off let’s talk about how exercise can help benefit the fact that you have metabolic syndrome. There was actually a study done in 2007 that measured how exercise effected metabolic syndrome. In this article, they stated that even a small amount of exercise is adequate for getting significant health benefits.[5] This is excellent news for you, the fact that you are totally inactive right now, going for a walk three times a day for 10 minutes will greatly improve your health risks for metabolic syndrome, thus decreasing your risk for developing cardiovascular disease. This same study also found that working at lower intensities …show more content…
Waist circumferences also decreased drastically during this study as subjects lost more weight. As I mentioned earlier, higher waist circumferences are directly related to having an android body shape, and this is associated with a higher risk of cardiovascular diseases. As you can see, even a little bit of exercise can decrease or even rid the effects of metabolic syndrome. “…Low levels of fitness and low levels of physical activity and sedentary living have been known to be associated with increased risk of CVD, cancer, and all-cause mortalities.” [7]. The greatest risk factor for any disease is being physically inactive. When you are physically inactive there are molecules in the body that are not being used as much as they need to be. “…evidence had emerged identifying habitual sedentary behavior as a novel risk factor for cardiometabolic disease and all-cause mortality, independent of time spent in exercise.”[8].There is an abundant amount of research on how exercise helps decrease blood glucose levels thus helping diabetes or reversing anyone that may have pre-diabetes and preventing them from getting

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