Shakespeare's Article: Medicines For People With Diabetes

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Within the article “Medicines for People with Diabetes,” the writer also writes about meglitinides which are a newer type of diabetes medicine. The name for meglitinides is repaglinide. This medicine helps make the pancreas create more insulin after a meal. This increase in the amount of insulin created after a mean helps lower blood sugar. The benefit of this drug is that it is fast acting and the body uses it up quickly. The side effects that may accrue from this medicine is hypoglycemia and possible weight gain (“Medicines”).
The last medication is thiazolidinediones, which makes the patient more sensitive to the insulin inside the body. This medication helps the body 's muscles to use the insulin it is given in a more sufficient way. The
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The writer explains that most people who take this medicine do not come across any side effects. Only a small number of people may find themselves with liver problems or even liver failure (“Medicines”). With the use of these drugs, type two patients can have options in deciding how to help keep their diabetes under control and to live life with the least amount of complications from this disease.
Although medicines and surgeries can be very beneficial to diabetic patients, a change in lifestyle may help even more. With both types of diabetes, there are four main areas of living that can help control a person 's diabetes. The first area is changing eating habits to become healthier in order to benefit the body. For type two especially, as Melissa Healy describes in her article that a diet rich in chicken, fresh produce, olive oil, and fish can help patients control their diabetes (Healy). This is a
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With taking the medicine prescribed by the diabetic professional everyday it will soon start to be an normal routine. This routine will no longer feel like a dreadful task because the benefits from the medicines will make living with diabetes easier. Those who must take medicine for their diabetes need to also remember to follow their doctors prescribed amount and routine (“Do”). Medicine usually takes better effect if it is taken everyday because the body becomes used to it; therefore, the reaction to the medicine will be less of a

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