Analysis Of A Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT)

A Multi-Disciplinary team (MDT) contains health professionals that work in partnership with clients to produce better health outcomes REF. They provide care that is efficient and effective (MOH, 2014c). Depending on the stage of the long term condition the MDT members differ in specialised fields that offers expertise and specific skills beneficial to the patient (MOH, 2014c)
At present the aim of Sues MDT members is to help her self-manage her diabetes, with diet, exercise and medication. (Diabetes New Zealand, 2014) states that, a proper diet, daily exercise will reduce the risk of further complications of diabetes. Sue has gained a lot of weight she admits this is because of poor diet choice and lack of exercise.
Sue feels trusting towards
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Every three months Sue sees her GP for a check-up and has done so since she was 45 years old. When she was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 45 years old. The role of the GP is reviewing and creating a plan to manage Sue’s diabetes (Health Navigator New Zealand [HNNZ], 2014b). A diabetes plan will provide Sue with resource’s and tools so she can better control her diabetes (Shawn McFarland, Wallace, Parra, & Baker, 2014). Sue’s GP also prescribes medication, and orders blood tests for Sue (Shawn McFarlan et al., 2014). The blood test is a way of determining whether your diabetes is under control. Sue admits that her GP gives her information about her condition but say the GP confuses her with his complicated words and this is a barrier to her understanding what she has to do with her medication. She says she feels stupid and doesn’t want to ask question and leaves the GP unsure what to …show more content…
Sue has admitted that she finds it hard to exercise. This has caused her to put on a lot of weight over the years. Having a good diet is essential for those with diabetes as this will lesson your chances of getting further complications of diabetes. A nurse’s strategy is to motivate Sue as much as possible and is crucial in dropping weight. Sue’s nurse and Sue can work in partnership and create a care plan that is individualised, realistic and achievable. As part of this strategy Sue nurse and Sue. By creating a plan alongside Sue, the nurse is ensuring that Sue’s needs and ability are focused on in the plan. The nurse asks Sue to suggest a level of activity that she feels she can commit to on a daily basis is a good starting point. Because improving fitness is a marker of positive change and will help the patient maintain motivation if weight loss is occurring slowly. Her nurse can give her information about local activities and organised exercise programmes are available to recommend to patients. Whanau ora collectives are increasingly promoting sport as a medicine and facilitating participation in events such as “Iron

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