Rhetorical Analysis Of Visual Rhetoric

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Jasmine Rodrigo
Justin Mott
ENGL 102-73
24 September 2017

Summary and Analysis: Visual Rhetoric
In the image advertised by the Czech animal rights organization "Svoboda Zvirat", a beautiful model is shown with blood running down her face. At the bottom of the poster, the caption “For long eyelashes this is how 300,000 animals suffer each year” effectively uses the rhetorical appeals of ethos, pathos, and logos. The author of this piece decided to use a strong and powerful image combined with a few words to make their point. Even though the origin of this piece is unclear, the style of this piece seems to be formatted after a makeup advertisement in a magazine. The image is also promoting awareness of cosmetic testing on animals and helps
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Online links are provided in order to prove the credibility of the image. At the top of the image, there is a link to the agency that created the image called Freedom for Animals. The audience is able to learn more about the organization and what they have done in terms of cosmetic testing on animals and animal rights. At the bottom of the image, another link is also provided in order to give the audience more information and to do their own research regarding animal testing. The creation of this piece makes a statement that animals are not able to defend themselves the organization is their …show more content…
The advertisement is appealing to the audience's logos. They are being made aware of a situation that they may not have known anything about before. The creators are able to make their point by including one single fact on the advertisement. They purposefully emphasize on one fact in order to strengthen the message of the image. Adding multiple facts and statistics might bombard the audience with too much information and does not necessarily mean that the audience will read

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