Rhetorical Analysis: One Drink Is All It Means

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One Drink Is All It Takes
Drinking and driving causes an average of 28 deaths daily across America, that is one death every 53 minutes. These deaths are caused by people who disregard the safety of themselves and everyone around them. Most drivers forget the gravity of the act of driving a car. Operating a motor vehicle is essentially strapping into a several thousand pound bomb and hurling it down the road at incredibly high speeds and steering it through various obstacles. To do such a task impaired is simply idiotic and it is baffling that such acts are still common in American society. To be fair, drinking and driving is not the same for everyone. Some people are perfectly able to have a few drinks and operate a vehicle safely. Performance at operating a vehicle after consuming alcohol is determined by personal characteristics. Larger individuals won’t be affected by alcohol as severely as smaller individuals because they
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Not only does this ad campaign use pathos, it also uses ethos and logos to reenforce the main points of the image. By forcing the viewer to think about those who are affected by drunk driving, they realize it is undoubtedly wrong to drink and drive. This strategy is called ethos and is used to connect with the viewers ethics and present ideas of right and wrong. The last rhetorical strategy used in this image is logos. In showing the danger that drinking and driving presents to the driver, they realize it is completely illogical to commit such an act. The image shows that the dangers of drinking and driving far outway any benefits it may hold and expresses this idea through pathos, ethos, and logos in an effective way to increase awareness about drinking and driving and help bring the number of drunk drivers down. Whether or not the viewer has driven drunk or not, this image serves to educate

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