Glowing Rhetorical Analysis

Rhetorical Essay
“Capturing Angelic Glistening Sensuality: Glow by J.Lo” and“Glowing by JLo”

The advertisements being analyzed appeal to the superficial side of women. The majority of women would prefer to be seen as angelic and sensual beings. Women feel more attractive and develop a higher self-esteem when they feel as though they smell sexy. JLo’s company realizes these facts and directs both ads toward that particular audience of women. “Glow” and “Glowing” both use photos that are appealing and sensual, creating a sense of longing in the audience. Photos of both products are strongly alluring, attractive and helpful in influencing women to say “I want to be sexy like her.” Thesis: Both ads usage of the model appeal to the ethos in the way that the ad directs its words
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A sense of trust is generated by using the product name of the maker, JLo (Jennifer Lopez) in the advertisement. who is a celebrity. Women of the target audience are more apt to be interested in the product simply because of the celebrity endorsement. The beauty of the model captured in both photos is effective in selling the product as well. The flawlessness of the model shown in both ads awakens a sense of urgency and want in the reader. Both ads are successful in causing a stir in emotions of the target audience which in turn leads them to make the purchase.
Readers who read the ads are able to imagine how it must feel to look beautiful and smell angelic. Both photos are brilliantly planned and arranged to create a sense of want in the reader. This method is helpful in leading them to feel as though flawless beauty is only one spray away. Viewers are able to develop an imagining of being like the model in the photos by merely looking at the ad. The audience is subconsciously coerced into developing such a longing for the product, that they will

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