Essay on Revelation Of The Bible And Of Human History

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John writes the book of Revelation to testify “to everything he saw” of the testimony given to him by Jesus Christ. He recorded his vision from Christ “for the benefit of…Christians throughout history”. He wrote to the seven churches in the provinces of Asia to urge his readers to “be ready at all times for the Last Judgment and the establishment of God’s kingdom.” While Revelation is not, as some assume, a secret code to unlock the future, it is a great resource to Christians so that they can look forward to the second coming of Christ, and the establishment of Christ’s kingdom on earth. In fact, scholars estimate that “278 out of 404 verses in Revelation” contain references to the Old Testament. Compared to the entirety of Paul’s letters which contain “less than two hundred” references to the Old Testament, this shows that Paul message of salvation and victory “are the same form the beginning to the end of the Bible and of human history”. John writes to testify that Jesus “is coming soon”, and to provide hope to all those in need of encouragement. Even in the worst of times, Revelation brings “encouragement to believers of all ages that God is working out His purposes even in the midst of tragedy, suffering, and apparent Satanic domination”.

Contribution to the Bible

Revelation is one of the most unique books of the New Testament, yet many people see it as the “sore thumb” of the Bible. People crazed with Revelation either love it and are obsessed by it, or hate…

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