Restaurant History Essay examples

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Restaurants are one of the most common places all over the world. The restaurant business has grown rapidly in twenty first century because of the fact that almost every day there are thousands of people going to restaurant. There are many reasons for people dining in at a restaurant. People dine in at the restaurant because of the busy schedule, to socialize, to eat varieties of food, and many more. What is a restaurant? According to oxford dictionary, “Restaurant is a place where people pay to sit and utilize the service along with the food and drinks.” Looking at the current context of restaurant, the meaning of restaurant has changed widely. According to Prof. and author John R. Walker, “Delmonico’s, located in New York City, is …show more content…
The growth of the restaurant has given people a choice of different types of food along with the service. Along with the growth of the restaurant there came a division of restaurant. Restaurants can be differentiated in terms of menu, price, and service. Modern day restaurants are more known as Café, Fine Dining restaurant, and Fast Food restaurants. Although people are busier in the twenty-first century than ever people would still think before going to a restaurant. Normally, people would dine in at a restaurant depending upon their budget, service, and healthier options found on the menu. There are varieties of restaurants in the world. Focusing on advantages and disadvantages of café, fine dining and fast food restaurant in terms of the budget, service, and healthier options found on the menu is the key factor.
According to oxford dictionary, “Café is a small restaurant selling light meal and drinks”. Cafés can also be a bar or a night club where one can enjoy light meal. The price varies from a high class café to a regular café. According to Lorri Mealey, “A café is a restaurant that does not offer table service” (Mealey). People visit café mostly to socialize. Bars, pubs, clubs are some examples of café.
Is café a healthier option for people? One might argue that café provides unhealthy food and drinks like

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