Essay on Responsibility And Authority Of Leadership

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Leadership Guilt
Leadership can be seen as an honor but it’s also a responsibility. Not everyone can handle the responsibility and authority of leadership or separate them from friendship with subordinates. My own experience of providing leadership as the captain of my club soccer team contrasts with Willis’s. I was chosen to be captain by my teammates and coaches because of my skills and ability to understand “the field”. Meaning, I was able to understand how each of us connected with one another on the field, by position and by skill level. I exercised authority during practices and games by making sure everyone was prepared, punctual and understood our game strategy. My teammates picked me because they knew my skills, determination and love of the game would help us win games and become better team players. People could depend on each other on the field, even if off the field they hated each other; we were always prepared and functioned as a unit on the field because of my leadership and authority. If I just acted like a friend I would have let them be late to games, slack off during practices and brought extra equipment to make sure they could play. Instead I insisted on timeliness and focus. They understood that violations would be punished by limiting their playtime during games. Off the field when I was acting as a friend it was a different story; I was just one of the girls. This contrasts with Willis’s inability to assert his authority and control the actions of…

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