Resistance As A Force That Drives Us From Doing Out Best Essay

1324 Words Sep 28th, 2016 6 Pages
Author, Steven Pressfield defines resistance as a force that drives us from doing out best, by consuming us with fear about our gifts and talents. Resistance, stops us from doing things that can be good for us because the unknown afterwards is frightening. He characterizes resistance as fast, powerful, and almost addicting. It is circling around us, and yet we have no idea when it is going to hit us. Resistance is not something that we can see, instead it is something that we can feel. A negative feeling, that is meant to harm us, and stop us from doing good. He gave a personal example of a book he wrote, yet he did not share it because of the fear of rejection. This is a clear example of resistance crippling our potential. I thought this only happen to people like “me.” But, it also happens to everyone, no one is free of resistance. The biggest writers, actors, professionals, and great people have had to deal with resistance in the face. That is to say that resistance is something we can overcome. It does not define us, unless we give it the power to do so. Resistance does not come from others, but from within us. Even though it comes from deep inside of us, the author tell us that it is ultimately our choice rather we are going to let it capacitate our potential. Fear, it can paralyze you. It has the ability to make you dread something so much that you would rather not do it. This happens a lot when we are presented with new opportunities. It is not that we do not…

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