Research Paper of Advertising

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dvertising is a form of communication in which companies promote their products and services in order to convince consumers to buy or patronize their goods. It is used to help increase the sales of the product, familiarize the consumers of a particular brand, inform people of changes in an existing product and to introduce a new product to the market. Advertising is also closely related to selling and they are barely inseparable. Their only difference is that: when a person advertises by word of mouth and by personal contact, it is called “selling”, but when we sell or try to sell by printed word, we call that “advertising”.
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Advertisers think that with the use of celebrities, they can establish instant brand recall, refresh and add new significance to the brand image. This is possible because celebrities create positive feelings toward a brand and consumers perceive them to be very entertaining once they appear on the advertisements. (Boorstin, 2005) Celebrity endorsements carry a lot of benefits for the company of the product they are endorsing. That is why the companies are so much eager to hire them to promote their goods and services. One of the advantages in celebrity endorsements is an instant establishment of credibility. This means with the celebrity’s approval in promoting a certain brand or product it creates a sense of trust for the brand among the target consumers. Another is the guaranteed attention of the viewers of the advertisements. Using celebrities or well-known personalities would make it more noticeable and interesting, therefore grabbing the attention of the viewer. Another advantage is the higher degree of recall or the extent in which a consumer can remember the brand (Boorstin, 2005). The recall value will rise if people will perceive the brand and the celebrity as two equal elements. Since celebrities are adored and idolized by their fans, they are being tapped to influence the fans towards their endorsed brand. Lastly, celebrity can also

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