Essay about Renewable Energy : Solar Wind Hybrid System

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A greener land and a fresher atmosphere sounds great to all of us, but how many of us deny to live in coal fueled house or ride in oil fueled bus? There was a time when one could have thrown the idea of renewable energy to waste basket saying it is not enough but now is the time to hold the idea and say “enough is enough”. With the flow of time, people accepted the idea of having lighter electronics and powerful motor engines, so why not solar-wind hybrid system which has likes of both. But before going for any renewable energy system we have to hate the current power generation system, so that we do not switch back again. We have to know in what ways the current fossil fuel based power generation is affecting the environment and our health. Then we have to understand why we should switch to renewable energy and why it should be solar-wind hybrid system. Here we will be talking about small scale power generation mainly for houses or offices which is currently ran by power generated from fossil fuel. Fossil fuel power generation has created several problems for our environment, so it should be replaced by renewable energy system like solar-wind hybrid system, which is environment friendly, cost effective, and being modified all the time.
Our economy and power generation depends on gas, oil and coal. For power generation we mostly use coal and natural gas and for transportation we use petroleum oil. The usage of these fossil fuels are increasing through years.
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