Summary: Are Humans Causing Climate Change

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Are Humans Causing Climate Change?
It is all happening; melting polar ice caps, droughts, wildfires, extreme weather, and more, all thanks to climate change. Climate change is the change in the usual weather found somewhere. It can also be the change of the Earth’s usual climate. An example of a climate change could be the amount of rainfall a place used to get to the amount it is now receiving. This change in weather is caused by the human race. Humans are selfish; they only do things for themselves, and do not think of the consequences of their actions. The Pope explained that “humanity’s ‘reckless’ behavior has pushed the planet to a perilous ‘breaking point’” (Burke 1). That is why our Earth is going through climate change. Climate change
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There are around 100,000 flight take offs everyday. In the article Climate Change Impacts of the Aviation Industry (2010), Steven Taber explains to us that aviation, the flying or operating of aircraft, “plays a larger role in climate change than most in the aviation industry would like to admit” (Taber 7). Each time an aircraft is used, it adds more CO2 into the atmosphere, causing climate change. Aircrafts contribute to the increasing carbon dioxide that come from human sources. These crafts emit gases and particles high in the atmosphere by doing so; they damage the ozone layer. Aircraft engines produce emissions that are similar to other emissions produced by fossil fuel combustion. When fuel is burned, the carbon in the fuel is released and bonds with oxygen in the air to form carbon dioxide. Scientific studies have shown that high-altitude emissions are harmful to the climate and the Earth. They are harmful to climate because they trigger chemical reactions and atmosphere effects that have a net warming effect. This net warming effect is what contributes to the cause of climate change. Contrails created by aircrafts also have an impact on climate change. Cirrus clouds are made when hot air from the plane freezes when it is released into cold air. The clouds trap long-wave radiation from Earth and create a warming of the atmosphere. All these human emitted factors contribute to the cause of climate …show more content…
We need energy for everything; to stay sheltered, keep warm, refrigerate food, and to drive ourselves from place to place. But it seems that we humans do not understand what all this overflow of energy is doing to our planet. All the carbon dioxide and other gases we emit into the air are causing climate change. And this may not seem like a big deal to some people, but if we do not do something about it, it will become a big deal. This change in climate is the reason for all the droughts that have been occurring. Extreme weather is a result of climate change. Climate change will bring many animals to extinction and coral reefs will be destroyed. Polar ice caps will continue to melt, and cause the rise of sea levels. Heat waves and tsunamis will also become a problem, and both are a threat to human lives. Crop failure will hit us too if we do not try to fix what we have done. Humans need to understand that a lot of the things that we use energy for are not necessities. For example, we do not need to use light during the day and nor do we need to continue deforestation. If we do not act now and diminish some of our emissions that are damaging our atmosphere, we will destroy our planet for good. We humans need to open our eyes and see that we are responsible for climate

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