Remember The Titans, By Jerry Bruckheimer And Directed By Boaz Yakin

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Media has infiltrated nearly all aspects of everyday life. Society turns to mass media for the news, to enjoy a movie, listen to music, or watch a television show. But these various forms of media are not solely for entertainment. Instead, media texts reproduce and circulate a variety of ideologies. One of these media texts is the film Remember the Titans, produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and directed by Boaz Yakin in 2000. Remember the Titans is an American sports drama set in the 1970s, and follows a high school football team during the integration of African Americans into a previously all white school. Tensions rise when the white assistant coach, Bill Yoast, is passed up for the head coach position. Instead, a new black coach named Herman Boone is hired as the head coach. The team struggles to come together under the direction of Coach Boone, and both black and white players resist accepting each other as teammates. However, the players and coaches find a way to respect each other and overcome racial differences. This leads them to execute an undefeated season and become state champions. Alongside telling the story of the integration of a high school and a football team’s road to victory, the film contains a deeper message. The creators use the film to impart two main ideologies: racism can be overcome through respect and a common goal, and not all girls have to reflect the stereotypical depiction of the female gender. In analyzing various forms of media, it is…

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