Religion : Religion And Religion Essay

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Religion in School
Religion in school has always been controversial. When one attends a public school he is not allowed to praise his God. Why? Because it would not be fair for one student or a group to follow one religion when another student is of another religion. For example one kid is Christian and another is Muslim. The school cannot give the teaching or follow one religion and not the other. Religion can be taught as a part of history but schools are not allowed to teach prayers or etc. Religion can be followed at private schools who have the opportunity to teach only one specific religion which they believe is the religion to be true. In public schools they are allowed to teach the Bible in Bible class or in history class where they teach all religions from around the world. The other reason for which religion is not taught in public schools is due to the fact that most schools teach science and in science their is evolution. What is evolution? Evolution is the theory that humans evolved from monkeys. While religion teaches that their god created everything, but then there is also the big bang theory, which says from nothing came something and there was an explosion that created everything that the human eye can see. So schools do not follow any specific religion letting the students choose their place of faith. Back in the 1800’s was when religion in school was allowed in full. Around the 1900’s was when religion in schools was only allowed to a certain extent.…

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