Religion Is Free Choice, Or Destiny? Essays

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anything they have to a church. The most violent organizations in the world are immersed in the philosophy of religion. The children are baptized and confirmed, and killers make the sign of the cross before murdering an enemy. The Crusades destroy in the name of God, Muslims qualify killing “as God 's will”, the U.S. Dollar claims “In God we Trust”.

The integral part of religion is free choice, or destiny. To give humanity a fighting chance, God would make ten influential people in history to provide guidance and insight. These ten people would guide humanity with knowledge. Free choice is a force that is used to effect dramatic change. Before the top ten people in history, you have the top ten natural contradictions that reinforce the dichotomy. This is the ultimate juxtaposition, two ideas that are exclusive, when combined they demonstrate total absurdity. This is how oxymoron 's are created, ten natural contradictory terms that underscore the pure dichotomy of life.

Religious destruction is an oxymoron, although not in the top ten for obvious reasons, anyone would be crazy to list God 's creation(religion), in this list. These are ten top oxymoron 's, Microsoft Works, Exact Estimate, Working Vacation, Diet ice cream, Twelve-ounce pound cake, Pretty Ugly, Definitely maybe, Political science, Icy hot, jumbo shrimp. These suggest conflict and choice, which does a person choose “Icy” or “hot”, you cannot have both.

The top ten humans in history are next;


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