Relationship Between My Mother And Sister Essay

765 Words Oct 5th, 2015 4 Pages
A situation that happened recently that was an example of a power imbalance was between my mother and sister. In this situation, both felt like the other person held too much power and were unjustly being treated. My mother does not work and lives off disability leaving her with free time during the day. My sister works long hours but can not afford a sitter. My mother and I watch my nephew during all the hours she works. This is where the conflict starts and the perceived power imbalance comes to light. On my mother 's side she feels she is being taken advantage of and while yes she does not work she suffers back problems and is getting older and has trouble taking care of a 3-year-old. Her issue is that she relies on my sister for assistance with transportation and that she does not want to lose the connection to her grandson. She perceives that my sister can take these things away from her thus giving her more power. On my sister 's side, she feels hostility and passive aggression from our mother but puts up with it because she perceives that our mother hold more power. My sister pretty much lives with us and as such does not pay any rent or bills plus she has free access to a sitter. She is under the impression that our mother holds more power because she feels indebted to her. She is dealing with the passive aggression and choosing to ignore it so none of these things are taken from her. Both of them are perceiving how much power they hold and how much power the other…

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