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Jessica Vandeventer s01831844 Reflective Narrative and Assessment Portfolio
1. A qualified writing sample, in narrative form, about what being a teaching professional means to you. The teaching profession takes a lot of skill. I feel that to be a teacher you need to be able to teach well, be able to work with others, provide multiple teaching methods, and to be able to control a classroom. Teaching is very important because you are training the next generation to help the world. These students need to have great teachers who can teach, so that they can move on to the next better thing in life with ease. Teachers also need to be able to work with others. A teacher need to be able to work with students, and with the parents/guardians, so that
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A teacher should be able to communicate clearly to the class, and be able to help each student succeed. A teacher needs to be able to see the students needs, so that the teacher can make lesson plans that work best for the classroom. Teachers also need to be able to communicate with the students parents, so that the student has the best advantage to learn. Parents can help the teacher with the education of the students.
3. In this assessment/assignment, you are asked to think critically and synthesize your potential contribution of your personal approach to education. A. What is the purpose of schooling? The purpose of schooling is to help students succeed in life and work towards their goals and dreams. Schooling is also to promote growth in the students. Another purpose of schooling is to learn to help students prepare for their future career. The main purpose in schooling is to promote learning for the students. B. What should schools be teaching (curriculum) I believe that schools should consider their demographics and consider what the parents want their kids to learn, and then pick a curriculum that works best for the school. The curriculum should have Math, English, Science, and art. I believe that the curriculum is important to promote educational learning, and the school needs to find a curriculum that works best for that particular
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D. The four-year institution will have a Teacher Education Program (TEP) to which you will additionally need to apply for admissions. What are the specific requirements for admission to that school’s TEP? PRAXIS II or PLACE Content Test must be taken no later than the June test date prior to beginning TEP.
E. What will your major(s) and minor(s) be for your degree from that institution? How many credit hours will you need to complete that degree? With which specific degree will you graduate?
UCCS Bachelor of Arts, English Major – Elementary Education Option Degree Requirements
> A minimum of 120 hours must be completed with a cumulative CU grade point average of 2.0; at least 45 of these hours must be at the upper-division level
> No more than 54 hours of ENGL course work can count towards the degree.
> The last 30 hours of the degree must be completed while registered in the College of Letters, Arts and Sciences at

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