Reflective Narrative And Assessment Portfolio Essay

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Jessica Vandeventer s01831844 Reflective Narrative and Assessment Portfolio
1. A qualified writing sample, in narrative form, about what being a teaching professional means to you. The teaching profession takes a lot of skill. I feel that to be a teacher you need to be able to teach well, be able to work with others, provide multiple teaching methods, and to be able to control a classroom. Teaching is very important because you are training the next generation to help the world. These students need to have great teachers who can teach, so that they can move on to the next better thing in life with ease. Teachers also need to be able to work with others. A teacher need to be able to work with students, and with the parents/guardians, so that the student has the best educational opportunity they can have. Teachers also have to be able to work with other teachers in the school and the school staff. I feel that as a teacher you can learn a lot about teaching and improve your own teaching by working with other teachers. It is also a good idea to have multiple ways of teaching because if one student does not get it one way they might be able to understand the lesson if it were taught another way. Another way in which I feel about teaching is having good classroom management. I feel that to be a great teacher on
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I watched as the kids were learning, and how excited to were when I taught them something new. I also was able to see the joy in their eyes when they got a right answer to a question. I really loved how the students where eager to learn when they came into the classroom each week. I also got an opportunity to teach with a home-school co-op which is a lot of fun. Each week the students would come to class eager to learn something new or work on a new experiment. I find that being able to teach bring out my passion, and fills me with

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