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Reflective Journal on seminars covered between week 5, 6, 8 and 10

7011EHR HRM Strategy
Lecturer: Dr Maree Boyle

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Date of submission: 08. October 2012
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1. Reflective Journal for week 5: Changing role of HRM in the 21 century 2 1.1. Explain 2 1.2. Expand 2 1.3. Critical Reflection/Analysis 3 2. Reflective Journal for week 6: SHRM in an international context 4 2.1. Explain 5 2.2. Expand 5 2.1. Critical Reflection/Analysis 6 2.2. References 6 3. Reflective Journal for week 8: HR, Ethics and CSR/Sectoral differentiation in SHRM 7 3.1. Explain 7 3.2. Expand 8 3.3. Critical Reflection/Analysis 8 3.4. References 9 4. Reflective
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In order to build up their future experts and management staff, TKSE has a various range of talent management programs and in particular different internship programs, like the Young Potential Program (YP).
In order to foster the engagement of young employees as well as retain and develop young talent TKSE implemented a talent program which shows young academics development and career opportunities and supports them financially, mentally and with a range of workshops during their studies. I was part of the program during my Bachelor and signed a contract to work for the company for at least 3 years after my study. The YP of TKSE also supports me during my Master studies in Australia. References
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