The Importance Of Management Roles In Health Care Management

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According to Guo (2010) a manager is an individual in an organization who is responsible for the work performance of others (p.12). Managers at all levels in an organization use the classic management functions to direct work, and improve efficiency within their organization (Guo, 2010). Health care managers also know the importance of these functions. When one function is not working well the organization can be in trouble (Nowicki & Summers, 2002). To understand management functions as used in the health care field, we need to define the various management functions, look at how these functions are interrelated, and discuss the frequency that these functions are utilized at the varying levels of management in the health care system (Liebler …show more content…
First, planning involves evaluating the current state of an organization and then developing goals to meet the desired future vision for that organization (Guo, 2010). Second is decision making, this is when a choice is made after the review of various alternatives (Liebler & McConnell, 2012). The third managerial function is organization, which is the act of developing a system of relationships that will contribute to achieving the goals of the organization (Guo, 2010). Fourth, staffing is the act of hiring and interviewing new workers, and determining where workers are needed (Nowicki & Summers, 2002). Fifth, is directing or actuating, this is the managerial function that is most associated with teaching, because this function is about providing guidance and motivating employees (Liebler & McConnell, 2012). The sixth and final function is controlling, which is the determination of what is being accomplished, by controlling the work through standards and monitoring employees (Nowicki & Summers, …show more content…
For example, planning can be done in collaboration with others, but ultimately the decision making or final choice is made by the manager from the various alternatives that were discussed in the planning stage (Liebler & McConnell, 2012). Controlling is also related to the planning and decision making function. When initiating corrective actions, new planning and decision making will be completed to develop tasks to meet new goals (Nowicki & Summers, 2002). Organizing is highly related to all functions, it is used in planning and decision making for developing work flows, and creating job descriptions (Liebler & McConnell, 2012). Staffing uses the organization function to ensure that enough staff is working, and that staff know what their assigned tasks are (Guo, 2010). Directing correlates with planning and control. Managers ensure that the training employees receive, helps staff to effectively reach the organization’s goals. Planning correlates to all of the functions, if planning does not occur then there is no set vision for the organization, no objectives set for employees, and the organization would be set up to fail (Liebler & McConnell,

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