Reflective Essay - Reflective Narrative

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Reflective Narrative There is an old teacher adage passed around to inspire the right kind of instruction: A teacher shows students where to look, but not what to see. I am not sure I was ever shown where to look, so it is no wonder it has taken me so long to see…. I really feel that I was not ever formally taught writing. I am from a family of teachers (my father was an English instructor), we always read, writing and expression was encouraged, and a family member was always willing to edit a draft. I think this made me go pretty far on talent and circumstance alone. I knew some big words and how to be detailed… so, I never really got much feedback – maybe spelling and grammar feedback here or there, but never instruction on rhetorical strategies. Now that I am presented with great techniques to pass on to my students, I feel a bit cheated. My teachers were plenty inspirational and maybe they were busy with peers of mine that were truly struggling, but I want to deliver a different, more complete, experience to my students.
Personal View of Writing
I view writing as the art and science of communicating. I think writing is an art because of its ability to be beautiful, complex, and majestic. On the other hand, it is like a science in that it demands order, clarity, and efficiency. Most recently, I think my feelings on writing are best captured by a combined Expressivist passion and voice (Tate, et al., 2014, p. 113) and the knowledge shaping efficiency of…

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