Reflection On Improving My Writing

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The portfolio is largely based on my improvements that have been focused on improving my writing style in multiple areas. Furthermore, I know that I need improvements on certain topics that include, concluding on a stronger note, improving sentence structure, and minimizing runoff sentences. Personally I think I made progress in incorporating sources to help my thesis and also I believe I have improved my overall revising and editing skills. I think I still have a lot of room to improve, but I have learned and improved much over this semester. As I read my essay I have always felt proud of my thesis statements. Which then leads to a better understanding of a specific prompt it leads to my confident writing in a specific essay. For example …show more content…
Plus, I never really focused on incorporating sources and having a source become a focal point in an essay before the start of the semester so it was something new to me, however, I discovered that I enjoy finding evidence and it’s one of the highlights of writing a paper. As I schemed my essays I realized that much of them have been helped by the sources I incorporated, and how I expand and analyses them to answer the prompt of a specific essay. “Ultra-intelligent machines will be working in partnership with our best minds on all the serious problems of the day, in an unbeatable combination of brute reasoning and human intuition.” This specific quote was used in my essay that focused on artificial intelligence. The quote came from the composition and research book from a piece written by Jastrow. The reason I picked this quote was because I found it easy to evaluate and bring a deeper context into my essay. Another improvement I have seen is the way I try to see and balance multiple topics that a prompt might include. For example, the pros and cons of artificial intelligence and the …show more content…
Personally I have always been in the low end on understanding and fixing runoff sentences. “Men are less suitable in stressful situations, they usually have high tempered reactions compared to women, yet most high ranking jobs and positions are held by men because, society views the male individual as exceptionally prepared and biologically more advanced.”(Ruiz. 2) I placed commas to extend the sentence but in reality I had to separate this part of my essay into two sentences. It won’t be surprising if I missed a couple or have some runoff sentences as I try to read over and revise this paper. In addition, even though I believe I have great thesis statements I feel that my conclusions make essay weaker because I can’t find a perfect way to have an effective ending that can catch the whole purpose of the essay or at least have a proper understanding of what I want in a conclusion paragraph. “The way someone speaks in society may seem as a small and uninteresting topic yet, it has to be brought up because it can change the way society works… Sooner or later the words spoken by any individual will be impacted by the social and biological commodities that have been placed on them. “(Ruiz.5). I wanted the conclusion to be focused more on how the interaction of people will emotionally have a hold on someone’s life but as I read the conclusion I feel as if I didn’t get that message through. Lastly, something that

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