Conclusions In Stephanie Mill's Essay But What Do You Mean?

Conclusions play a vital role in the effectiveness of an essay. The conclusion allows authors to wrap up their thoughts and leave the reader feeling satisfied. On the other hand, some conclusions leave the reader with the opportunity to think about the message the essay had to offer. I think some essays we read this year had more powerful conclusions than others.

One of the essays that had a powerful conclusion is Deborah Tannen’s essay But What Do You Mean? Tannen ends her essay, which was about how women and men have different ways of speaking and areas of miscommunication, by stating that there is no “right” way to talk. She also says that when you want to get your message across, you should use language that is shared- or understood by all in the conversation. I really enjoyed this conclusion because it has the ability to leave a lasting impression on the reader. The message the conclusion of this essay offers is women should not have to conform to talk the way men do in order to be heard and respected. A strength I see in her writing is that she managed to really wrap up her essay without overdoing it; she states her opinion and gives an example of how all styles of communicating will sometimes fail when others do not understand them,
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Mill’s essay is about she has learned to live with less and has come to enjoy it. In the conclusion of the essay, she writes that thousands of Americans live a simple life with little to no interaction with technology, and want to preserve nature. In her final sentence, she admits that living the way she does has made her feel decent with herself- and that is a luxury she thinks is worth having. I see strength in her conclusion because Walker reflects on how it could be beneficial to learn how to live with less. Her concluding paragraphs support her main point because she talks about how she now enjoys living without

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