A Jury Of Her Peers Analysis Essay

Sheena Wainscott
Introduction to Literature
30 April 2016
Analysis of Trifles and “A Jury of Her Peers” Trifles is a play that was written by Susan Glaspell and “A Jury of her Peers” is a short story that was also written by Susan Glaspell. The main characters are George Henderson, Mr. Peters, Mrs. Peters, Mrs. Hale, and Mr. Hale. This play and short story is about the murder and investigation of a man named John Wright. In this play there are actually two investigations going on. Then men are the actual investigators and they are investigating what happened, but the women are also analyzing the murder and talking among themselves about it. The women comforted Mrs. Wright and talked about the life she had with Mr. Wright. They tried
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Trifles was written to be a play, and to be shown to an audience. “A Jury of her Peers” is meant for a singular reader, to read at home. The short story makes this story easier to understand while reading, but a play can show many different things that a story in a book cannot, and vice versa. A short story can state many different things that a play could not show as …show more content…
I like to watch how each character interacts with one another. I like to be able to see the scenery and how it changes over the time span of the story. I think physically watching something holds my attention better than reading. I also like plays because the beginning and then end is all in one sitting. Books can take days or weeks for me to read, and I am very impatient to know what will happen next. I think this play and short story was very interesting and entertaining. I like that these stories where in the woman’s favor and showed women played a bigger part of the story than everyone thought. This was a time period where women did whatever their husband needed them to do. For the women to withhold information from the men was very rare, but it also showed women can make choices. The men thought they were in charge of the investigation, but the women were the ones who had the important information. I think this play and short story was titled perfectly. Trifles is defined something of little or no value. I think this is a great name for this play because the men thought what the women cared about was of no importance, but it led to the evidence. I think “A Jury of her Peers” was a great name for this short story because Mrs. Wright was juried by her peers, which were also her friends. When the women choose to withhold the information about the dead bird, this helped determine Mrs. Wright’s fate. This helped her

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