Personal Narrative: My Fear Of Obesity

Obesity is always the number one fear I think about daily. Keeping weight off is hard and always hard to stick to for a long period of time. It creates health issues with you heart and can lead to sometimes life threating illnesses. I wanted to study if I cut one major thing from my diet like soda. Then add a little cardio daily such as fifth-teen minutes would that really be enough to lose a fair amount of weight in a month. We all want that perfect body but some lack dedication to do something about it. I would go around asking my friends if they knew any diets that I should try that work with my busy life style. A way to manage these goals in a reasonable manner that wouldn’t seem like such a chore. I would always come up with the same excuses like, “I’m too busy to work workout daily and too broke to …show more content…
I was still continuing the daily cardio and I started to experience a gain in my energy levels. It was nice to be able to enjoy something I dreaded doing in the past. At the end of the second week I took down my measurements and my weight. I lost almost four and a half pounds! Lost half a size in my hips area and my pants seemed to have lost the tightness they use to hold. The following weeks I kept experiencing the same results as before. I felt better and noticed a weight loss at the end of each week. To sum up all my evidence from the following experiment is I am seeing results that I was hoping to experience but not my set goal weight lost. During the first week I noticed a slight change in my weight but not the amount of three pounds I was looking for to make my statement true. I needed to shed off three pounds a week to make my theory correct. I did manage to still lose a fair amount of weight just based off the changes I was performing lately for these so called simple changes in my diet and

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