How To Write An Essay On What I Learned In English Class

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When people take a class everybody wonders if there are getting better at the subject or if they 're just wasting there time because they 're not learning anything. When everybody starts that class people learn things they didn 't know and learn their skills and their ability to what they can do with the subject. From the beginning of the semester people learn different abilities of learning to write or how to correctly use different ways to start a paper.
When the beginning of the semester started you 're always nervous because first day and nobody knows what you 're gonna be taught in the class. As for myself I believe that I am a decent writer because it really depends on the topic and if I put my hard work into the paper. People struggle mostly on starting the paper and finishing it, and mostly we struggle with grammar. At the end of the class everybody should be improving there skills and what they can do with their writing. We take these classes to learn how to better are skills in the subject and make us want to move on to harder things.
When I started taking this writing class we learned many different ways to type and start a essay. Honestly my writing skills wasn 't the best, and it was hard to understand the points of a paper. We learned how to be able to brainstorm and sort our things out in a paper, and even
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We learned to work our way up and improve our skills, because we started with one page, two pages and then 3 pages and more. We had to work our way up to those things by learning the small things that went with the process we were making in class. We learned how to set up a conclusion and introduction for our essay to correctly set it up step by step. I feel like we learned the simple steps to going into English 101, because the next step is learning the bigger steps next, and learning to handle longer

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