Reflective Essay: How To Improve Writing Skills

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As the semester pasts by, the ways of learning have been changing ever since I started college, I have sat through many of my english classes learning of new concepts of writing that has help me write my very own paper. As the reading assignments are sometimes long and short they have given me enough information to learn better ways to write that has improve my grade and not only that improve my writing skills. The one of few authors that have made myself feel better about writing is Donald M. Murray, he shows/tells how to stand out and show what your brain tells what you cannot do. Writers are too proud of what they have written. I have learn many more concepts from other stories that they tell, but these are the ones that makes my first draft better than one that I did not read about these two. As I learn better ways to write and learning from the mistakes that I have gotten on my essay is a great way to learn. …show more content…
If I have fully understand about the topic, it is still hard for me to write about it. My problem while rereading through my essay the first time is always the hardest, it does not make any sense and grammar errors all of the place that frustrates me. In the Donald M, Murray article, that “A piece of writing is never finish.” is a great way that no essay is perfect and can be improved in some way. As in my essays that I get all sorts of feedback from others and how their point of view seeing things differently and point out stuff. I have learn ways to point things out differently without having to give them to people to give me feedback, that takes some time but can improve the drafts. As walking away from the essay for a few hours or a day helps settled my mind and think of better ways to write sentences or even paragraph ideas. That has made my papers better in college than high school because I never did any of that before

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