APA Reflection Essay

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To be completely honest, I was not excited about this class whatsoever. I have never enjoyed English, I always found it to be the most boring subject. Since I did not enjoy English I never really felt like I truly learned anything, however, after taking this class I have learned a lot. I learned how to actually write a paper using the APA style guide that is used in my field of study. I have learned what kind of information is important to include in the paper that I write and what could be left out. With every paper that I wrote for English 300 over the past few weeks, I learned a little more about writing that I could incorporate into the next assignment. Although I am very excited to be done with the semester, I am very happy that I took …show more content…
Towards the middle of my paper I use quotes from deaf and hard of hearing students that explain how extracurricular activities have a positive impact on them. By using these quotes, it allows the reader to feel happy for the students because they are happy. Not too far after I use those quotes, I also discuss a school district in the state of Washington that allows deaf and hard of hearing students to have the same extracurricular opportunities as all other students. This lets the reader feel like this school district is practicing a form of equality with all of their students. I did not use a lot of pathos throughout my paper and I feel that is a good thing. If too much pathos is used, then the paper is full of too much emotion. I think I did a pretty good job of balancing the use of ethos, logos, and pathos throughout my argumentative essay.
One thing I feel that my paper lacks is the use of good transitions. When I wrote my rough draft for the in class peer review, I had zero transitions in my paper. After I received some feedback from my peers, I had a better understanding of how to include transitions. However, I still do not feel like my transitions are the best but I feel like the reader can get a good understanding of what the paragraph is going to be

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